Monday, June 23, 2014

IndyJess Day

I woke up at 5.30am just so I can watch the match between Portugal vs USA. Portugal played....err quite an embarrassing game against Germany on their first match but I'm still putting my hopes for them so that they could at least make it to the next round. Anyway, the match earlier was pretty intense and in my opinion, USA did a great job in attacking and made so many attempts to score a goal. Portugal on the other hand, all I see was they kept passing the ball to each other without trying to attack. I thought team USA will eventually win the match but lo and behold, the power of Portugal's captain who made a cross to his fellow teammate Valera and scored an equaliser goal at the 95th minute. Well, there is a tiny hope for Portugal then. But let's see if they are able to beat Ghana in their last 1st round match in the next few days and I better hope they'll change their tactics instead of being too dependent of Cristiano Ronaldo to score a goal. Holland vs Chile at midnight later!

//end of World Cup update lol//

Just a week ago, I was back home in KK just for the weekend to attend the engagement of my cousin Jess and her longtime beau Indy. It was in fact the shortest trip back home but since Jess is one of my closest cousin and also a part of my family, I wouldn't want to miss her big day and I knew she needed family support so it's the least I can do to be home :) We had a family dinner with Indy's side of family on Saturday night in Portview Seafood Restaurant. Food was good but after trying out Salut Seafood restaurant last month, I would say Salut deserves more brownie points. It was actually the first time Indy's family meeting with our side of the family and it was kinda awkward at first haha...everybody was on their best behaviour, being polite and all but I guess that's how it is when you have to meet people who were older than you right?

Merl suggested that I stayed overnight in Sutera House to continue helping out and do all the last minute I did. Only met my family for a brief while when I went home to grab my stuffs. After dinner, we continued on with the decorations at the gazebo and I am thankful to have a super reliable person like Audrey to help out as well plus also helping out at the 'hipster corner'.  It was such a tiring day for me since I didn't get much sleep since the day before because I was up watching Holland vs Spain and then headed to KLIA2  after. It was already 5am when the match ended and indeed it was an awesome match to watch :) So I totally knocked myself out once we're done with the decos and woke up just in time to get ready for the e-day. Despite all the drama-rama that my cousin Jess had to endure (felt sorry for her tho), the engagement did went well. A little hiccups here and there but it was still alright! Jess said that it was the alcohol that made the entire atmosphere better lol. It's really nice to be able to see two cultures merging together and welcoming a new family. I personally think that Indy's fam has been such a good sport throughout the engagement day. After lunch, everyone started to have fun and even danced to a few Punjabi songs haha. As the evening comes, when almost every guests went home, we (the cousins) stayed on to catch up with more family time. and took our cousins epic selfies too. Only managed to reach home at 10pm and then the following day (Monday), I flew back to KL. Would've been great if I can stay for a few more days...heck I don't even have the time to chill with my kitties haha.

Anyway, congratulations Indy and Jess! May God guide the both of of you towards your journey to become man and wife soon. To Jess who's been a super strong and independent woman all these years, I'm very happy that you've finally found the one that you're gonna spend the rest of your life with *tears* Let me go and deal with my unrequited love and stay with 72 cats soon LOL. Looking forward for the BIG day xoxo.

That little 'hipster corner' that I have set up with Audrey's help had a positive outcome :) I have visualised it in my head for days hoping that that corner will look good. So glad that Audrey was able to provide the mason jars cos I wanted those to be there as well. I love that corner, seriously hehe. 


Dinner in Portview Seafood restaurant, Waterfront.
Midnight hustlin cos you just don't stop.
Hipster corner.
Thanks to the Banquet staffs from Promenade Hotel for the beautiful decos.
Me, Anne and Audrey.
Two are off the market and another one will stay with 72 cats soon lol.

The 'bincang-bincang' area.
United once again haha.
If you look closely, there's a bulge at the left side of the cake. No idea how did that happen haha.
Definitely my favourite corner :)
Lia and grown up now!
It was also Father's Day at that time so we had a mini celebration for them dads.
Merl, Shah, me and my bro. 
Very RARE family photo.
The men doing manly stuffs at the deck.
Epic cousins selfie, all thanks to my newly purchased monopod...oh no, I am becoming one of those people who owns a monopod now haha.

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