Saturday, June 14, 2014

It's on

So it has come to that time...after 4 years, World Cup is here again. 4 years ago, I wrote that by the time the 2014 World Cup arrives, I'll be turning 30. Well, not yet technically but in about 5 months time, I'll be hitting the big three-oh. So far...nothing much has changed in the last four years, except I have braces on my teeth now haha. Well, as always I am excited to watch the matches but no sure if I want to always sacrifice my sleeps just to watch it. But I did just that yesterday and it was a great torture for me coming to work in the morning. Lesson never learned, as per usual -__-

This week has been another crazy week from juggling my classes to conducting workshop for high school students, then working on an on-going project with my colleague, visiting the clinic due to a sudden eye allergy/infection and also preparing stuff for my cousin's engagement. It's like my work can never end even when I am at home. Been putting all my work stress on my shoulders and it's been quite though juggling it. Well, on the brightside...weekend's here and it's a good thing that I am not gonna spend my weekend here this week :) 

I know I have disappeared in the blogsphere for a while and haven't had much updates here. The month of May was yet another challenging month to me. You know every time you want to stay positive and  you tell yourself that it's gonna be a good month ahead, shit will always happen. People that matters a lot kept disappointing me, the never ending work stress, etc...which is why it was hard for me to even be happy with everything. Still trying to look on the bright side on this tho *sigh* Oh well, life goes on man...

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