Saturday, June 21, 2014

More lettering stuff

As week 5 of the semester has started, I've been having classes everyday except for Thursdays and with all of the things that is happening at work (i.e packing/throwing stuff to prepare for renovation), it's been a challenge to juggle with all the classes at the moment. Yes, my office is gonna go on a major nip tuck again and because I am sort of a 'hoarder', I have SO MUCH junks that I've accumulated since the day I came in to work here. It's not a great sight seeing all of the junks and it's such a BIG hassle to throw/pack it. It's a bad idea being a hoarder, really.

 Apart from juggling my classes, I've also been working on some lettering projects...some are very enjoyable to do and then some kinda stress the hell out of me. I had to conduct a lettering workshop last week to a bunch of Sri KL students and though my boss had told me about this earlier, I just felt like I didn't had much time to prepare everything. Dealing with the Marketing people can be a pain too but let's not go into that. I've not been trained nor have I attended a proper lettering+calligraphy class before, well...I had that subject in college some donkey years ago but I've never got the chance to learn writing proper know those script handwriting type? Which is why having to conduct a workshop when my skills aren't even that good yet gave me a helluva pressure man. Anyway, here are some lettering works to share...

Did this for a hand lettered quote swap that I participated via swap-bot. Hope the person that I send this to will like it.
This one is for my lettering workshop where I asked the students to trace out my handwriting. Could've done a better version if I had more time. The background photo is an original photo taken by my colleague, Darry.
Sri KL students.

I am also still working on the rules & regulations design for Playwork studio (a mini studio in the college) and this project was a quite a stressful one to me because it requires so many experiments, trials and errors. Still an ongoing project which I hope that I can finish it ASAP. 
Rejected idea....

This one, was something that I actually enjoyed doing even though it required me to continue hustlin' at midnight just to finish it on time. But it's all good cos this one was for my cousin's engagement so it kinda meant a lot more hahaha. Jess wanted a guestbook where people could take instant photos and paste it in together with their own personalised message so I suggested that we'll d-i-y it instead. Will post up photos on Jess and Indy's engagement in the next post...wait for it!

For the guestbook cover.
If you're keen to have hand lettering designs for wedding, engagement or any other events, please drop me an email and we'll work something out lol. On the other note, have you been watching the World Cup? I've watched a couple of matches and so far my favourite match was Holland vs Spain. So good!

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Amber said...

I LOVE this! I am inspired to make my own. Very cool! =D