Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Last week, I told my colleague that I shall paint a 30th Birthday card to my friends (well...those who are closer to me) for their birthday lol. Reaching the big three-oh is kinda like a milestone you know and I will experience that soon. Not sure how will I feel about that but we'll see. But yeah, I wanted to just do something nice so gonna paint more birthday cards for a couple of friends so keep a look out for it. Need to start painting one for a good friend's birthday next month :) 

I had a hard time painting that donut birthday card (see below) last year cos I was dealing with some emheco shit and have cried several times whilst painting this. Not making up this story but it did happened. But in the end, this painting turned out fine...I actually wanted to keep it for myself but it was meant to be given for a friend so it's gone now haha. I was definitely inspired by Homer Simpson hence the decision to paint that donut with the number 30 in it. The second card was for my bestie Simone, who have just celebrated her birthday last week. She bakes cupcakes upon my request when I am home in Penampang so I am really thankful for her generosity :) Love you gurrrl! Anyway, that cupcake painting was kinda done in a rush cos I wanted to mail it just in time to reach KK on her birthday. But to me, the outcome was A-OK. Hope she'll like it tho~

World Cup had just ended two days ago and it has been a helluva month! From having odd sleeping hours trying to catch up with all the matches that I wanted to watch and then watched all the semi-final matches live at 4am and also the final  match. Crazy month but it's all good. Should blog about this in the next post :) Now, I can sleep normally again. Thank  God for the public holiday today!


Arms said...

Hey blogwalking here :)

Happy belated birthday yo.

I love the donut picture. Seems so real and colourful haha.

You really have skills from what I've seen on the other posts. Perhaps I require your services in the future hehe jk.

Happy Tuesday!

Vivien Dumpangol said...


Thank you for the nice words and compliment :) Usually I don't know how to react with compliments tho but thank you! Actually, the paintings are for my friends, my birthday is still a couple months to go hehe.

Ya, if you require any illustration/lettering service, do let me know :)