Thursday, July 03, 2014

That world cup talk

Oh man 8 years ago, when MSN Messenger was still a big part of my life, I had this conversation with two of my college friends about Portugal vs England match during the FIFA World Cup 2006. I re-read this post through my archive and had a good laugh about this cos my friends were so against C. Ronaldo that they wanted England to win the match. But actually England lost cos Beckham missed the penalty kick hahah. Man, those were the days when I was still so young and free that I could watch World Cup everyday, unlike now pfft. I remembered all three of us were in different locations while we had this conversation. I was back home in KK, another friend was in KL and another one is in Tawau. Good times...good times.

I never thought that I could get sick again at this moment. Currently still down with flu and a possible sore throat is coming soon. But today there are two interesting matches that I want to watch! I guess I'll have to choose just one of the matches cos I have a morning class tomorrow and well...sleep > football haha. Managed to catch the match between Holland vs Mexico last Sunday night. Watched it in the comfort of my bed since I've no one to watch football with now pffft. Anyway, it was another intense match and at the end of the match, I felt bad that Mexico didn't make it to the quarter finals cos it seems that they wanted it more. I was rooting for Holland in the beginning since they played so well in the previous matches but then when they were against Mexico, their dirty tactics seems so visible that I just felt like it was not fair especially towards the end of the match when Holland was given a penalty. Anyway,  good job Mexico! They didn't make it to the next round but they have won my heart lol. Guillermo Ochoa, the goalie for Mexico (the guy who looks like Ted Mosby of HIMYM) made so many impressive saves in this match, no doubt he was given the 'Man Of The Match' trophy for it. I shall look forward for the Germany vs France match tomorrow night. 

Life's been...okay. Hectic at work but it's still managable. Currently preparing my stuffs for the MA distance study and also been doing a lot of postcards swapping which is something that I actually enjoy doing. One time my cousin said to me that she had never knew I had this interest in doing postcards swap. Then I told her that it's a hobby for lonely people hahahaha. But yes, I have loved snail mailing/doing swaps since my high school days.

Holland vs Mexico.

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