Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Missing in action

Been MIA from this blog in a while because everytime I thought of posting a post...something else is bound to happen. With all the sudden tragedies, then last weekend my colleague's dad has passed away and just just today...the legendary actor, Robin Williams was found dead.  Like seriously, I don't even know what's going on these days. Life suddenly seems so fragile and everyday you are reminded how life is so short that you gotta live it to the fullest. Sometimes thinking about death scares the hell out of me, I mean who doesn't right? But I kinda and slowly look on it in a different perspective now so that I don't feel *too* afraid to leave the world one day. To me it's like, God has sent you to this world but at the end of the way, you are bound to go back to him again. So as God awaits you on the other side, we continue to do good things and live the life that God wants us to live. Hoping I am making sense here heh. Like I've mentioned before I can never understand the  feelings of people who has lost their loved ones especially losing parents or sibling because I've never experience it before personally. But I am wishing that they are able to go through life everyday as it is. 

Anyway, on a non-emo related note, as the months passed by, things with life and work are pretty much A-OK although I felt like I've been struggling to survive financially every single month. It is crazy hard but I am surviving...barely, but I am okay. It is officially the semester break now and while I am free from classes and dealing with students, I still have a couple of things to do like preparing myself mentally for my MA studies which will start next month. I still think whether it is a good idea for me to start this study or not but I have sent the application and the college has agreed on helping me on the fees and all so...I pretty much can't turn my back now. Should dedicate a post about this soon. There's also another project that I am currently involved in, it is actually the same 'Swiss project' that I was involved in last year. This project, I might think the 'stress' will come pretty soon but thankfully I am not doing this alone. So it is still bearable. I have also been attending 'Alpha course' in SFX Church for the past two months. The decision to join this course came out of the blue but I've been liking it so far. To be honest, I like the fellowship more that the video presentation lol. It's a refreshing thing to attend this course especially when I felt like I have been a 'cradle catholic' for a while.

That pretty much sums up with what's currently going on with me now...oh, and I've been watching a couple of Korean dramas because my favourite US TV shows are still off season now. You know what they say about K-dramas...once you start you can never stop lol. Let me know if you need k-drama recommendations haha. Trying to update as much as possible but I always get distracted with doing other things -___-

P/S: Painted this sperm whale during my #MidnightHustle session last night. I've always preferred land animals than sea but my colleague told me that he likes whale so I painted a sperm whale for him. I had a reference for this because I wasn't entirely sure how to paint a whale but I'm satisfied with the outcome :)

Happy Birthday Reis! I will join the club in a few months time.
Thank you for downloading all the k-dramas and sharing it with me haha.

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