Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New chapter

As I am turning the big 3-0 soon...like really soon, I am looking at my friends who are currently either have climbed the stairs to success, became a parent, grown bigger due to the consumption of alcohol, grown fitter due to their motivation to workout 24/7 or some still looked pretty much the same after all these years. And here I am, still attached with my work, busy handling classes, still trying to improve my art skills and well, pretty much still trying to 'get there'. Whatever we're doing right now, I assume we all have goals to achieve in life right? Earlier this year, I made a resolution that I wanted to pursue my studies *again* and get a MA qualification in the field that I am in. Now, I know that some of my friends would probably wonder why the heck am I going back to become a student again when I can work, earn money, buy a house, car, get married and live a comfortable life. Like why the need to study again? I had a friend who told me that if he is able to pay all his bills/debt on time every month, that is already considered an achievement for him. Of course it is nothing wrong with that I mean, if I could make it through each months alive even though my financial situation is in critical condition, then it is also a great achievement for me.

For education, well...I believe that we can be learners for life. No matter what age we're in, we can always learn something new everyday and since I got this opportunity to continue my studies again, I thought why not? I also do realise that being back to student mode, albeit only a part-timer, still requires me to do things like research, brainstorming, draw, paint, design, read, etc and with my age slowly catching up (actually not that old la) I am not even sure if I still have that same kind of 'energy' like back when I was a full time student. I also know that my time management is really important as I have having to juggle with work and also my own assignments at the same time. But I have chose this path hence there is no turning back now.

Thanks to my HODs and also the big boss for their help in assuring me a place in the University and even granted me half scholarship for this. The past months I've been preparing my proposal and portfolio for this MA studies. I had quite a hard time writing the proposal to be honest since I wasn't sure what I wanted to focus on but everything's done now and just few weeks ago, I received the good news that I got the offer to continue my MA studies :) So, this new chapter has officially started and I'm actually excited about it and also a lil nervous because I am not sure whether I can do well or not. But I believe I always managed to stand up with my own two feet whenever things doesn't go wrong and after all the depression times I had when I was in grad school, I think I would do so much better now hehe. My mother has been a great supporter in my decision to continue my studies...maybe deep down in her heart she probably wants me to just quickly get married to a good man and give her grandchildren lol but...well, God has opened the door for me...not for marriage *yet* but for other great opportunity like this and it would be a waste if I say no to something good as this. I am sure that God will stand by me throughout this two years of my studies. I hope that my family and friends will also give their support and prayers so that this journey will be a good one for me. It's gonna be another helluva journey but here's to new challenges and opening another chapter in life! Actually, being a student again is not really something to shout about to be honest haha.

Something I would like to clarify...for me to continue my studies, is not for the reason that I can brag about my qualifications to people or to let my parents brag about me. It is something that I personally wanted to do, to better equip myself to learn and discover more on another level. It is something that I prayed for and God has open the door for me :)

P/S: My course have officially started and I have a 'paper challenge' exercise that is due end of this week and I am still so clueless on what to create. I like paper art but err...what should I create? I think 'anyaman' is a good idea. Okay, back to do more research.

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