Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Note for my cousins

 Dear cousins,

I know I can be selfish just to think about all the hardships that I've been going through these couple of months and not even care to ask my family or close friends what hardships that they are currently going through at the moment. I know that we go through different kind of hardships, mine might be more minor than the others but still...these hardships are basically all the challenges that I have to fight and go through every single day too. 

I just want you guys to know that we're in this matter what kind of hardships that we are dealing with. We're gonna support each other and try our best to keep our head up and stay strong so we can go through living life everyday. I wish we can easily take each of our worries away but sometimes, things really do take time hence the reason why we just gotta hold on and be patient about it. I always believe that God will always pull us up whenever we feel weak and help us to stand with our own feet again so I am glad to hear that you guys are thinking of going to the house of God again. Sometimes when you drift away from Him, that is when you will end up going through so many different directions to the point that you're at lost. So, I do hope that you will not lose faith in Him even if you've drifted yourselves out for a while. Eventually, when you start praying again, you will feel at peace and God will set you back to the right path. 

Sometimes I wonder how I still can manage to keep going everyday even when I am also having so many worries about everything...I guess it is because I don't lose my faith easily. Anyway, I know I cannot always be there for you guys and even for my own family but you are always in my prayers everyday. We'll get through this. BELIEVE!

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