Monday, September 01, 2014

So good so good

There has been quite a number of Korean R&B/HipHop artists who are making their comeback this summer season and I would LOVE to give a list of my favourite songs from them here but maybe I'll do it some other day. But I just wanted to share Jay Park's new MV here which is called 'So Good'. His 2nd album, Evolution is finally out today and the first thing I did when I woke up was to watch this MV haha. My thoughts on the song and video? Well, I loved it :D To me, this song is kinda perfect to commemorate the end of know it's like when you listen to it, you'll think about the good and fun things that you've done during the summer although, here in Malaysia it is summer season all year long pffft. So yeah, the thoughts of your awesome summer season will make you feel so good, just like the song lol. On Jay channeling MJ in this music video...I have no complaints because I personally think Jay Park is a good dancer and the MJ trademark dances that he did in this video was pretty awesome. It's great that MJ was a big musical influence to him too. I know that Michael Jackson is one irreplaceable human being but I do appreciate younger artistes who can make a tribute for him in terms of their songs, dancing, style, etc. Hardcore Michael Jackson fans would probably disagree with me tho haha...I've no problem with Justin Timberlake being featured in MJ's Love Never Felt So Good song but then I do understand some fans would personally prefer it to be sang by the original singer since it'll sound more real/genuine. Anyway, try and give it a listen and enjoy the MV :) This song is gonna be on loop for a while.

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