Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Some thoughts

About 3 weeks ago, I finally completed the Alpha Course in SFX Church. I did mentioned about it briefly on my previous post and now it is finally done. I had to give a short testimonial on the last week of the course and it was pretty nerve wrecking seeing that I did not prepared anything to say at all. Plus, standing in front of a bunch of people who were older than me...man, I was feeling more nervous compared to standing in front of my students. It was such a different atmosphere to be in...you know, I did *try* to crack some jokes while I was doing my testimonial but it seems like none of them actually laughed at it so it was quite a failure to me haha. An uncle who was in the same Alpha group as me said I did a good job presenting my testimonial...well, not sure if he really meant it or he just wanted to make me feel better haha. But thank you Uncle James!

Personally, this course gave me a great opportunity to meet new people and of course it also refreshed my knowledge on Christianity because like I've said, I have been feeling like a cradle Catholic for quite some time now plus I sort of challenged mt introvert self to be more outgoing and be involved with other things that myself. I was assigned to be in the same group with people who were not in the same age range with me and I thought I would probably have a hard time trying to blend it but it turns out to be fine. I am thankful actually that I get the chance to hear stories and life experiences from people who comes from different walks of life. There's Aunty June, who is not a Christian but wanted to discover and learn more about the Catholic belief. I must say that her life stories taught me a lot. Then there's Uncle James, who is a humble and good man. Someone who has a strong faith in what he believes and someone that will always give you encouragement when you needed it. There's out leader Annabelle who basically took good care of everyone and also a person you can count on. There's Dev...he's the person that my heart goes out to during the Holy Spirit Weekend. I hope he's doing alright now despite all the things that he is going through.

I enjoyed the fellowship during the 11 weeks of the course and I honestly felt glad to have signed up for this. Someone had said that we didn't joined this course by choice but it was the Holy Spirit who worked its way to bring the people to this Alpha Course. Well, I'm not exactly sure how does the Holy Spirit works really haha...but I do know that it is powerful that it could convince people to participate. If you asked me why did I ended up joining this course, I have no idea too. It was just an out-of-the-blue decision after I saw the announcement during the Sunday Mass. I even told the organiser lady that I doubt I could commit myself to come every Saturday afternoon for 11 weeks just for this course. But I did managed to attend it every week except for one when I had to work on that particular Saturday. I sometimes can be the person who wouldn't want to be involved in Church stuff or attend a seminar/talk/camp organised by the Church because I felt like it's a big burden for a not so 'Holy' person like me lol...but I don't know, somehow these things kept drawing my attention to participate in. I believe it all comes to the willingness in our heart. If you're sincere to serve Him, you definitely won't think it is a burden and eventually you will make time for it and...that was how I decided to sign up for Alpha Course. 

Once you're done reading this, please do note that I am not gonna sign up to be a nun or anything hahaha...but if there are any upcoming events involving the Church in the future, I am hoping that I will always be willing and open to join in and not to give myself some unrealistic reasons for not joining in :)

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