Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Go veggies

Painted these veggies before I started my MA studies and now I've no choice but to take a break from painting which is kinda sad cos I have planned to paint some danish pastries next :( My colleague suggested that I try painting bitter gourd and when I found a nice reference of it I was wondering if I am able to paint the bitter gourd to look like a 'real' bitter gourd haha. Well, challenge accepted hence here's the result. Actually, I like the sweet potatoes the best. I gotta spare my time to paint an animal for a friend so...will post the outcome soon.

Now I realise how TOUGH it is to juggle your time with doing part time studies while you have a full time job. The time where I want to sit and get truly focused on my research is not enough. Then are other things that you wanna do as well like go to the movies, hang out with your friends, etc. Just gotta remind myself to take one step at a time...but so hard lah :P

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