Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hello I'm home

Guess where I am? Well, actually I am back here in Penampang and this year it is already my 5th time being back you know where most of my $$$ goes to. It is to purchase air tickets! *sigh* The reason to be back this time around was to attend an old primary school friend's wedding reception. Raymond was one of my childhood friends that I've known since we were in our primary school days, we went to a different high school and eventually he continued his studies in the UK and has been staying there ever since. But we still managed to keep in touch, of course thanks to technology. Gonna blog about the wedding in another post because last night (the reception) was so so fun! But yeah, gonna wait till the next post. 

It was also a good time for me to be back, albeit just a few days because since I am currently doing my MA research, I made a visit to the public library and make use of the resources there. I'm thankful that I am able to find at least two related sources that I can include it in my bibliography research. Would be better if I can spend more time in the library though. Once I am back in the peninsula, I gotta die die put all my energy and mind on this research as the deadline is drawing near. Oh man...I am really struggling with this I can't even explain. 

Anyway, all the fun I am currently having is gonna end soon as I am flying back tomorrow. Why does all the good things must come to an end this fast? My mum flew to Taiwan for vacation and I wasn't able to spend more time with her and even celebrate her birthday because the both of us had clashing times. Kinda felt bad now but I hope my mum is enjoying herself in Taiwan. I shall be back in December. Well, just a quick update from my own comfort room. It is ALWAYS good to be home but you know, the war hasn't end yet so once again, I gotta go and fight for my own battle and leave my comfort zone. Shucks, but as I always say, "You gotta do what you gotta do "

Got this room all by myself in the library to do my research. Reading up old journals and articles. I may look like I'm very intellectual, but actually it's so effing HARD dammit.

Visited the tamu. As always, gave me so much joy just to walk around the market.
Attended my (grand) niece's kindergarten graduation day. Can't believe she's gonna be in Primary 1 next year! Congratulations Ophelia...when you feel like they are so big now, you will also feel you're getting old.
Odessa also performed.
Family picture. All five of them :)
Came home and witnessed a minor flood in my cousins' crib. Oh man, after what they've gone through in the past few weeks due to the flood, I hope it won't happen again.

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