Thursday, October 02, 2014

Humble men

I always find it fascinating to observe people from different walks of life. From random people who do ordinary jobs and to friends either close ones or not. Sometimes I wonder what exactly goes through their mind, like whether they are currently happy or sad or even probably dealing with stress. Every morning when I go to work I always see the cleaners and trash collectors doing their daily jobs cleaning the area that I stay and I also wondered what goes through their minds. Are they happy? Are they sad? And the list goes on. But I do believe that ordinary people like them are just people who sincerely wants to make an honest living. No matter how tough their life and job is, at the end of the day, they needed the money to survive and most importantly to make sure they can provide meals to their family. I find their sincerity is such a blessing to them. 

There's a cobbler who has a mini station outside a bank near my workplace and almost everyday, I passed by the man and he's always busy fixing shoes for his customers. But every time I took a glimpse at him, he does his work with no frowns on his face. He's sitting in his little station rain or shine, and yet I have never seen him frown while working. He has a kid, a son that always accompany him at work and this son of his will wait patiently for his father and let him do his job without making a fuss. Sometimes I see the kid minding his own business and then sometimes I see that he's very playful with his father. I've been wanting to buy foods/kuih-muih for this cobbler in a while just because but I don't know, every time I wanted seems like the timing is not right and now, I haven't seen him in a month or probably two now *sigh* There's also a waiter who works at the Chicken Rice restaurant that I always pass by on daily basis. This man stands in front of the restaurant everyday and promotes the menu to possible customers who passes by the restaurant. He is also very similar with the cobbler because he always puts a smile on his face and talked politely to everyone. There was one time when I was heading to lunch with my colleagues and he asked it if we wanted to eat chicken rice and one of my colleagues declined saying that we're having lunch in Kim Gary, then the chicken rice waiter smiled and said thank you kindly to us. 

I really liked his humbleness and sincerity towards his job and how he treat people. He showed great kindness and honesty, which I find a great blessing for him. Everyone has their own hardships to deal with and there's no denying that we will get stressed, angry and even wonder how why the world is giving a damn hard time. But thinking about these humble people that I see and observed, it is *again* another reminder on how we should be humble, be sincere in what we do and give the best we can cos at the end of the day, we too want to make an honest living. I am thankful to have met these men (the cobbler and waiter) and to be able to see how they deal with their everyday job without complaints but applying all the good values in it. May they always be blessed with God's love everyday. Count your blessings, not your problems.

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