Thursday, October 30, 2014


That moment when you're sick but you have no one but yourself to depend on...this feeling kinda suck *sigh* Being back here in the Peninsula has led me being caught by the sick bug. It's my second time being sick this year and I guess I have broken my record since I did mentioned that I hardly ever get sick. But I think it's the age thing. The older you get, your health feels like a ticking bomb now. 

Had to conduct a class today that requires me to talk a lot...not an easy task man. The more I talk the more manly my voice is. Really didn't expect to be sick at this moment when I really x 100 need to get my arse back to continue my study/research cos the deadline so so effing near now...just 2 more weeks to finish up the annotated bibliography and critical analysis! (slowly going on a panic mode now) But on the other hand, I really do need a good rest and get enough sleep or else my entire body will not function the way I wanted it to be. Thinking about all these pending stuff to do is really making my head hurts haha. Okay, not gonna ask for any pity here but gotta work hard and make no excuses even if I am sick now haha. Hoepfully I will feel better next week AMEN.

This new MV and song by Crush just came out today. This song did not dissapoint <3

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