Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Yes? No?

After all that talk about me taking a leap and starting my MA studies in the previous post, I'm not sure if I actually made the right decision to go into this journey haha. Well, actually there is no turning back so....yeah. Gotta do what I gotta do here. It's only my second week of study and I already felt the stress slowly seeping through my head, mind, body and soul. The amount of research that I have to do, the critical thinking which requires all my brain cells to work so that all the creative juices will flow, the amount of stuff that I need to read and write...oh boy, not gonna be an easy task.

In a way, it's kinda fun to have a topic to do a research on...well, of course if you're the type who likes to read and do research, it definitely could be something that we will put effort to work on. I have a tendency to over think too much...as always. So the past one week after I got my assignment briefs I have been thinking about it almost 24/7, trying to figure out things, questions on this and that...damn, I seriously have no clue how and where to start. But I told myself to take one step at the time, try to list down the things that I should do and most importantly not to over think. I decided to have a drink last weekend, just to ease up my mind and spend some good time with my cousins and Sabah friends. Then this week, I started to put all my unnecessary worries aside and start to do my research. At this stage, it is all still very surface, but I am gonna spare my time to delve further into the topic that I am researching on. Ahhh man...so much things to do, so little time.

On the other note, I have a new blog! Actually it's a blog that I was required to set up for my research & enquiry assignment. It is called: ethelsvisualdiary.wordpress.com Yup, decided to open my blog in a different platform cos the tutor prefers Wordpress haha. Yes, I am starting to use my first name again since I am addressed as my first time in this course :P I constantly have to update that blog so if I am not here much, hop on to the other side. From now on my daily routine will be:
Morning: work, classes, find any spare time to continue my research and reading.
Evening: reach home, eat, watch some sitcoms, continue my research, update MA blog, reading.

Acutally, I have to read a lot, like a whole lot of stuffs...oh boy.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. 
Matt 6:34 

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