Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's done

I have finally submitted my first assignment today and the HUGE amount of relieve...I totally can feel it at this moment. Actually, I have finished my assignment since yesterday and I thought, for my self-reward I was gonna watch some Running Man episode so that I can laugh my ass out alone in my room lol but I ended up having green tea latte and a small glass of beer at night. The beer was actually a bad idea but you know, you only live once hahaha. Okay, not that funny actually. 

This Research & Enquiry assignment that I had to do was actually pretty tough for me and I had some struggles because looking for references and trying to think critically in a lot of aspect was just soooo damn hard. Not forgetting the part when I have to write my paper in the 'academic writing way' for the Critical Analysis part. My colleague, who's one year ahed of me in this course told me I wouldn't have any problem doing this because my command of English is good. Well, I just want to clarify that it doesn't mean I can write well. I mean, yes I read a lot but writing has always been something that I struggle with too since the high school days. So the entire two months+ was just tough but I'm just grateful that I did not gave up too easily when the going gets tough. 

I've another assignment that is due on the first week of December and with only two weeks left, I haven't actually started anything yet *yikes* Spent too much time on the Research & Enquiry assignment so another two weeks of struggle, but definitely a 'better' kind of struggle than before haha. So again, wish me luck on this :) I had my first Skype chat with my tutor last week and he had gave me good input on the project that I want to work on so again, wish me luck on this :) I've got some other personal things that I wanted to do like start my Christmas painting which I REALLY should do it before it gets too late to send Christmas cards for friends and family. December is gonna be a helluva month and probably also another month where $$$ will just go poof in an instance. Anyway, I shall *try* to sleep early tonight, get some rest from all the late night working and kickstart the second part of my assignment. 

I did this painting of a fox for my colleague while I was in the midst of finishing my assignment. The story behind this painting was I started painting it on Thursday night and halfway through painting it I realised I screwed up the body of the fox and had to re-do all over again so I stayed awake till almost 6am. The following day I experienced the worst shoulder and back ache but had to endure it and still go to work. The moral of the story is, while it is always good to have the chance to paint, do not follow my footsteps in staying up late when you know your body just can't handle it anymore. I can never learn my lesson pffft.

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