Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Christmas shoebox twenty fourteen

Not an advertorial post:

I have finally sent my shoebox for Shoebox Christmas KK two weeks ago at he PJ drop off point, which was in One Utama. This would be my second year participating this project. Found out about it while I was googling to see if there is such project because I knew there's Operation Christmas Child, a project also with similar concept that runs internationally. Then by luck I found out about Shoebox Christmas KK and thought that it would be more meaningful to participate this locally, where my shoebox will be send to kids in the rural area in Sabah. So, here I am again joining in for the second year. Basically the concept for this project is simple. You get a shoebox, fill it in with gifts and choose to give either a boy or a girl in 4 different age categories. 

The fact that Shoebox Christmas KK even have a drop off point in Klang Valley is an added bonus for people like me who works here in the Peninsula. If I have the chance, I would love to join the team to deliver the shoeboxes to the kids in the rural area but unfortunately, due to work and other commitment, I can't. This year the team are delivering the shoeboxes to areas such as Nabawan, Kuilu, Pitas...mind you, these are the interior places that I've never been before in Sabah but have met people from there before. All I know is that their life in these places are not as luxurious as how the city people live in so it is good that there is such project like Shoebox Christmas KK where kids can have the chance to receive Christmas gifts as well. Christmas is about giving and if I am able to do my part in giving back especially to the people in my homeland, I am already grateful that I am able to do so. Like what they said, it is more blessed to give than to receive :)

This year, I decided to give my shoebox to a girl aged between 9-12. Actually it is much more easier to find gifts for girls cos well...I am a girl as too haha. Anyway, the gifts that I have chosen for my girl are pretty much leaning towards educational use cos I believe it will be much useful for her instead of getting soft toys. Not to say soft toys are not good but, I am just thinking about the things that can be much more useful for my girl. I encouraged my girl friends to join this project in KK as well but...I guess they were too busy or just soimply forgotten about it *sigh* Anyway, if you're interested in joining this, here's the facebook page of Shoebox Christmas KK and you can read the details over there:

Here are the things that I got for her...basically it is a mixture of random stuffs.
1. Stationaries
2. Books (Doraemon! Cos who doesn't love reading it? Haha)
3. T-shirt
4. Colour pencils and crayons
5. Bilingual mini dictionary
6. Hair accessories
7. Cute band aid
8. Stickers
9. Notebook
10. Snacks (cos who doesn't like food?)

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