Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December twenty fourteen

So the month of December did not arrive with a BANG, in fact the last two weeks of November until the first week of Deember, I was still busy trying to finish up my second assignment...all this while still juggling with my classes but thankfully, most of my classes are ending at that time and I've no more lectures to conduct. Still, that 2 and a half weeks was just busy busy busy! Stayed up in the office till late almost everyday, accompanied by another colleague of mine who's also rushing on her freelance work. But I've finally submitted my assignment last week so right now I am...FREE!!! Okay, not exactly because there is gonna be another deadline in the first week of January pffft. Gonna work on that soon.

As expected, although December is my favourite month,  I knew that I've got TONS of stuff to do/complete with so little time. I don't know why but this kind of situation always happen in know, when you want to finish up all your tasks but time is just too limited. You'd also realise that since December is the last month of the year, you tend to want to make the best of it but then's finding the time is always the main problem. Well, I guess we gotta try to make everything work at the end of the day. Just continue to do what you do best, give what you can and eventually our lives will be fruitful :)

As a self reward for finishing my assignment, I went down to KL with my GBF last weekend to hunt some Christmas gifts and also to see all the nice Christmas decos around the 'popular' shopping malls. I had a pretty good time hanging out and not think about work and my studies although something totally unexpected happened which I don't think I wanna share it here but it was not exactly a big deal so it's okay. This is probably the last time I am able to head down to KL since next week onwards will be another busy time for me. Indy and Jess's Punjabi wedding in Penang, department meeting to attend and then it's back to KK.  I will try to blog more, though I can't really promise much hehe...but I'll try! By the way,  do you like the new Christmas themed header?


The reason why I kinda took a long time to finsih my assignment was because I had a lot of things to paint. I'm trying to use different medium (if possible) for my next project so that I won't bore myself with only using watercolour. Ill show WIP of this project in my study blog.
DIM SUM is LOVE! For real. I freaking love dim sum. Had lunch at this restaurant called Dolly Dim Sum in Avenue K last Saturday. Foods are quite pricey but thumbs up to the nice environment though.
Gian Christmas tree in KLCC park. I bet it would look nice during night time.
Visited this exhibition which was like heaven to me hahaha.
Gotta LOVE Typo for having these cool Star Wars Christmas cards.
Pavilion, hands down have the best Christmas deco so far. Love the whole feeling of it and the little kids (elves?) They look kinda scary but I guess it does suit the whole theme haha.
With my GBF. Look at that eyebags of mine!
Nu Sentral's Christmas deco is nice too!

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