Thursday, December 11, 2014

Kitty Kat Christmas

The time has come for me to do another Christmas card illustration and this year, I decided to paint my most favourite animal in the whole wide world...which is obviously cat hahah. The direction of this painting is pretty much the same as my owl painting last year with just a few different twist. Just like last year, I am also gonna print it as a one-sided Christmas card and will send it to my lucky friends. Printing cost can be a burden for me now but heck, I chose to do this so Imma just sacrifice my money and send the cards out :) Had lots of fun painting this and I hope my lucky friends will like it too.

WIP. I always make a point to take photos of my work in progress to document my painting journey haha.
Lighting is kinda bad because I was painting this in my office hehe...don't tell my HOD lol.
Final version. Of course, I brought this painting to Photoshop later for colour adjustment and touch ups.
BONUS: I've just sent a whole bunch of Christmas cards for my primary school friends since we have decided to revive the art of snail mailing again...which is really GOOD! 

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