Monday, December 15, 2014

Passed :)

Received my result for my Annotated Bibliography & Critical Analysis assignment today. Thankfully, I passed! Well, not with flying colours but I'm just glad that I managed to pass hehe. As you can see the comment in the picture...I totally agree on the need to improve on my written English. Like I said, I might read a lot but that doesn't mean I can write very well. I guess I really should brush up my writing skills cos when I enter the second year of my studies, I will have to write more than 1000 words of essay. According to my colleague, it's up to 5000 words *yikes* Actually there are some other things that I gotta improve as well like how to do a proper critical analysis and investigate a chosen subject more thoroughly. 

A part of me wished that I could get a better grade for this assignment but you know, I am not a perfectionist and at the end of the day, there are probably so many other important things that I should be more concern about rather than sulking myself and wishing I can do better. I prayed for the best and indeed, it was already granted :) Anyway,  I might also think that the subject that I've chosen was not an easy one hence I had a hard time looking for resources BUT....on the other hand, if I chose a simpler subject, it wouldn't be that challenging to me right? Oh goes on haha. Just glad that I passed. That is all :)

Gonna be a busy week and the most important agenda: Indy & Jess's Punjabi wedding in Penang is this weekend!

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