Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The joy of Christmas v2.0

Last Sunday when I attended the evening mass in Church, the priest was telling us how he celebrated Christmas and mentioned that he was invited to a couple of open houses this year. The priest later on continued and said that when he was attending these open houses, he managed to observe 3 types of people there. Number 1: The men, who were sitting calmly and quietly chasing "Tigers". At first, I didn't quite get what the priest meant by 'chasing tigers' but then I was like...Ohhh ya, drinking Tiger beers obviously lol. Number 2: The kids, who were the most happiest during Christmas because they get more presents than adults do. Number 3: The ladies/wives, who will come to the open house clad in their brand new Christmas get-up, new dress, new shoes, new handbags and they'll gather around to take selfies together...and then will post their pictures in Instagram or Facebook. Hearing what the Priest had to say about this made me laugh because I totally can relate to it although I don't really take that much selfies but yeah, I think you and I can so relate to this haha.

Actually, the reason why the priest brought this thing out was not to mock us but to make a point that no matter what group of people we're in, we are still able to come together to celebrate Christmas as one family and that is the most important and meaningful thing that I've heard throughout the entire homily :) The priest said that when we celebrate the birth of Christ together with our family, that is where we can be united as one as everything we learn about our own faith started from our family itself. My cousins recently were reminiscing the time when we were still kids and we used to have a Christmas gathering every year in my late Uncle Ambrose's home, which is also the place I spent most of my childhood days in. On Christmas morning, we will anticipate our Christmas presents to be given by Santa Claus. Normally the boys will take turns to be Santa each year. Anyway, my cousin said that the MOST anticipated Christmas presents were from my cousin sister's side of the family because all their gifts are more 'expensive' hahaha. But yeah, that was the truth lol. 

But when my Auntie and Uncle both has passed on, there was no Christmas gathering anymore and everyone seems to 'grew out of it' hence Christmas back home hasn't been quite the same anymore. Few weeks before I came back home for the holidays, I talked to my mum over our weekly phone call and she told me that even if I am back for the holidays, there was nothing much to expect for Christmas because my brother is gonna work, my dad has stopped going to Church for God knows why and at the end of the day, I'll ended up having to attend Christmas Virgil mass with my mum as always. Truth to be told, it disappointed me so much that I still couldn't get my very own family to be united just this once for Christmas no matter how much I asked/prayed for it. Sometimes I feel a little odd that I have to find 'the joy of Christmas' from other people's family when clearly the most important people that I should be celebrating this beautiful festive season was with my own family. Somehow, that kind of joy has long gone. Nobody has made an effort to put out the Christmas tree, nobody made the effort to get gifts for each other...only I did, nobody seems to even try to do anything in celebrating the birth of Christ. 

Seeing other families getting their Christmas mood spirits on, taking their annual family portrait and organising open houses did made me feel so envious but I do know that there is just no point for me to be envious on these things, instead I should be happy for them right?  Even my logic mind will agree on me and tell me that at least I am able to be home for the holidays. Think about those who have no choice to work and can't even celebrate Christmas with their families....they probably felt more sad than I do and Christmas is not about being sad and depressed when everything doesn't turn out the way you wanted it to be. It's all about spreading the cheer, sharing and giving to each other. I don't really know how or when can I finally can get my family back to be united as one especially during this holiday season, I mean it's not that I can just ask Santa or his little elves about it (not even sure if they really do exist or not pffft) but I know that praying works and it would take some time, maybe even a really looooong time for it to get answered but God will never give up on us so don't stop giving up on Him yet :) I think that I've been disappointed/hurt a couple of times has made my heart slowly turning into a steel now haha. Sometimes, you just have to face everything with a positive mind and eventually things will turn out okay. 

This Christmas, I would like to take this opportunity to say my gratitude towards God for all His constant blessings and I know it'll take time to see my family to come together in the house of God again, I'm constantly praying for good days ahead and eventually will see my brother and dad attend mass like they've always did before. Do your part to also give thanks to Him for reuniting all the families together in this beautiful holiday season. On the other note, I am also blessed to have good friends who are  always kind enough to welcome me to share the joy of Christmas with their families. 

Blessed Christmas everyone! May you find the joy, love and peace in the most wonderful time of the year. A lil late on this Christmas post cos I got so lazy the minute I am back here in Penampang haha and dang it, tomorrow is already New Year's Eve! 

God bless and hope you had a good Christmas celebration :)

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