Friday, January 02, 2015


I've posted this quote before and Imma post it again as a self reminder to me to start of this brand new year. It has been another helluva year and as always when a brand new year comes, everyone want to start fresh or what they usually say is "New year, new me" lol but whatever it is, I hope this quote will somehow help you to stay positive and create more good vibes for yourself and to people in 2015. Sometimes you do good, people will still judge you. You go to church every single week and thought you're fulfilling God's wish but yet, people are still judging you. 

I know that people probably put high expectations on me, wishing that I can write better in English, speak better, draw better, sing better and yet, I still fail to fulfill their expectations. I may get overly sensitive or angry but just like that quote above, it says "give your best anyway" and that is what's important to keep in mind. Learn to see things in a brighter way, learn to forgive and just let it goooo....okay, I am typing this post in the public library and there's a little girl practically singing her lungs out to that Frozen song right now lol. All I wish  I could do this year is to be more kind and truly learn to forgive, I mean I do think I'm kind but you know...I need to be more 'compassionate' in my there even a thing called compassionate kindness? Anyway, today is the day that I  realised I actually have a submission on the 5th! Okay, to be honest...I knew about it in the back of my head but I just decided to procrastinate for one whole week being home so here I am sitting in the library trying to finish up some stuff and also slowly start doing my research again. Man, I probably think I have to pour my heart and soul out in studying this year although eventually I will get lazy again soon haha. Oh well, here's wishing everyone a fruitful 2015!

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