Wednesday, January 07, 2015

New Year's Resolutions by the Pope

Last month I just found out that Pope Francis shares the same birthday with me and I couldn't be more happier  because my best friend said then when the people are praying on his birthday, they are also praying for me at the same time hehe. So in a way, it is such a blessing to share the same birthday with this wonderful man and a person that I admire a lot. I recently read this article where the Pope gave his suggested New Year's resolutions and I believe these resolutions are good to put into practice in our daily lives. I mean I know that we all have our own resolutions like losing weight, stop eating junk food, save more money, travel more, etc but will we be able to fulfill it in a year? That's another whole different story because believe me, my resolutions that I made when I was 25 years old are still in the pending mode until now...5 years later. OMFG.

So, looking at the list of resolutions that the Pope has made, it is more realistic and also can be a really good self-reminder as you go through the year. The first one on the list is my favourite one because whatever we do, the things that we go through no matter good or bad, God is definitely the backbone in our lives hence we're reminded to praise and give thanks to Him.

During the sunset mass last Saturday in St. Michael's Church, the priest mentioned that sometimes it will be hard to fulfill our resolutions so the best resolution that we want to make for a lifetime is to give our best to our Lord, no matter how long it takes. Whatever we do, whatever things that we are trying to achieve and even if it takes longer time to achieve it, always be reminded to give our best and that was such an inspiring thing to hear before I head back to the Peninsula :)

I can't promise myself that I can achieve everything in a year but as long as I work hard and try my best, eventually things will go to a better direction. Maybe people might not see it but you know, God does. So, give your best in what you do.

Article can be found here.

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