Tuesday, February 24, 2015

CNY 2015

Lion dance under the blue sky in Penampang.
Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai! 新年快乐!Celebrating CNY in KK has always been a quiet one for me unless I am in my mum's hometown Tawau, then it'll be more merrier haha. Anyway, I've been back here for a week and I'll be flying back to KL tomorrow and then work will resume on Thursday. I know I should've extend my stay here until the weekend but I have to finish my assignments ASAP so I couldn't really stay back when I'll ended up being lazy and having a snail mode internet connection here. Been trying to finish up my assignments here for the past few days...well, I tried but I still have TONS to do. Not even sure if I can submit it on time or not, but let's hope for the best...as I always say lol.

There wasn't much to do during the first two days of CNY. I attended the first CNY mass ever held in St. Michael Church on Thursday morning. For a church that is basically dominated by Kadazandusun people, I am glad to know that there are 'changes' that has been implemented since the church ever since the new Rector priest transferred here. Not to say the previous one is bad but you know...sometimes change is good. There was also a lion dance performance right after mass and I always LOVED watching lion dance so I was a happy woman upon seeing them lions :) I know the lion dance here wasn't as awesome as the ones that in Tawau but the important point to this whole thing is how Kadazandusun people are open to embrace the Chinese culture here. #noracist 

My angpow collection this year is not so bad too since a bunch of relatives from Tawau decided to spend CNY in KK and came over to visit my mum on 初一 (CNY Day 1) so extra ang pows this year! Although I kinda feel a little awkward to still be receiving it when I am 30 years old already but it would be rude not to accept it right? Apart from that, met up with my cousins and girlfriends are a must when I am back. Oh, went to watch Kingsman with my cousins too on Thursday night. Very entertaining movie! Think James Bond with more swag hahaha. I also managed to meet up with my designer friends, the ones that I've worked with before the big move to KL. Had to conduct an interview with them for one of my assignments and thankfully everything went well. At least, one part of the assignment is done. I will have to spend my day in the public library today where I can continue my work. I just wanna get all these done and over with, so as my classes with my students...just 2 more months to go. Oh well, hope y'all did have a great CNY so far.

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