Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cookeh Monstah

Me want cookeh!

 Managed to paint this Cookie Monster character as an art trade for the Oscar the Grouch painting that was done by colleague. This Cookie Monster painting is also a birthday gift for my colleague as I gave him a Daler Rowney watercolour postcards and he asked me to paint him this using the postcard. Anyway, my colleagues and I (the 6 of us) are having an art challenge and where each of us will draw/paint a piece of artwork and probably trade it with each other. This came out of randomness but it already sounds exciting! I mean we've never done this before so I guess it will be a good practice to brush up our skills as well. The theme that we've set is 'Dessert' so we can choose any type of dessert for this art challenge. I'm thinking of painting macaroons or strawberry shortcake but I'm probably gonna stick with macaroons. Apart from my assignments, I've to do this challenge. Oh boy, what have I got myself into...will post the outcome soon and I'm flying off today...NOOOO!

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