Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love Day 2015

Happy Love Day! I can't believe the time has once again pass by so damn fast that I really felt like I've no time to settle down yet. So many things to do, and so little time for myself which explains my disappearance in the blogsphere. I've been putting too much time with my classes and when it comes to my own assignments, I find it so so hard to make time for it. I've realised that doing this all by myself is not easy. My colleague who was doing her MA told me that she always have a sister to back her up, even willing to stay up late with her to finish up her assignment and she has her husband to prove read her paper. I have none of that and that is why I have been struggling since the day I started my semester. BUT, I know I can go through with it, even if time is limited, even if my ideas get rejected several times or even if I ended up not getting a result with flying colours. Just got to stop worrying and pray that everything's gonna be alright.

Sorry, I just had to let this part out of my mind hehe. IT'S SO HARD! But I'll have to suck it up so don't worry, I will get through this! Anyway, I spent the entire Valentine's Day in KL with my GBF (Gay Best Friend lol). Wanted to look for books for my project and luckily I did managed to find two good books that's related to this on-going project that I am working on. Though, the cost of the books have burned a huge hole in my pocket but I know it is gonna be useful to me so I guess it's okay to invest a lil bit on education. We also managed to visit an exhibition called Maestro: World's Modern and Contemporary Art Masters in Galeri Petronas. Some of the works featured were by the famous artists like Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Henri Matisse and Jackson Pollock. I think I got a little over excited to see original works from these artists having to learn and read about them in History of Art subject in college. 'Twas a good time though walking can be a pain especially when we're so used to walking in a fast pace haha. But we had a good time and had a good meal as well so at least this year's Valentine's Day wasn't so bad after all.

Reached home, took a shower and had a quick Skype chat with my classmate and also my group member for our group project. When you are doing distance learning study, you'll need all the technology to connect with another person from another globe so thank God for Skype. First time meeting my classmate Ian and he's a pretty good guy and seems nice too :) Gotta work on so many things now since we have like  3 assignments to submit by next month! I don't know why but I kinda find it cool to be working with people from a different timzone haha.

I was just out from shower hence the bare face lol.
On the other note, I am flying back to KK again next week for Chinese New Year break. Well, not exactly a break for me as I am definitely bringing my assignments to do there but then being able to go back home is always a nice feeling :) I am trying to divide all the time that I got to finish up all the tasks that is in my hands now. Anyway, sorry if I am not able to post stuff here as much as I used to but you'll see me from time to time and I am always active on Instagram so follow me @viviendumpangol. I should stop here now. Tomorrow is another hustle. Till the next post!

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