Friday, April 03, 2015

Unconditional love

Back in January,  I was invited by a friend to attend a 'beauty clinic talk' held at her house. It was basically a talk to promote some beauty direct selling products and while I wasn't keen on getting any of the products, I got to learn something new at that time. Anyway, after that my friend's husband did a small presentation on how to earn extra income by joining this direct selling venture and again, I have no interest in joining it but it is still no harm to listen because my friend's husband has excellent presentation skills. There was this question asked my friend's husband,  something about the things that you want to achieve in the future...I heard someone answered 'stability', and another one answered 'to travel the world'. I was thinking hard on what should my answer is going to be at that time because I do know that what the others have answered are true and it was something that I wanted too but when it was my turn to give my answer, I said 'love'. Then there was a pause...

I looked at my friend's husband and he was like, "Erm...well, yeah love." After we earn more money, we could find love as well" I can't really recall the exact words that he said but it was something like that. At that same thinking, "Oh shit, did I just gave a shallow answer?" I mean, everyone was giving the if-I-have-more-money-I-can-achieve-anything type of answers while I gave an answer that's not really money related. Of course, I would be lying if I said that money is not very essential for me. It really is especially now when I am already starting to pay my study loan but I also know that money can't really buy happiness and love, well...I believe love conquers all right? I'm not just saying the love that you get from your boyfriend/girlfriend, but from all as in your family, friends, your pets, and most importantly from  God himself. That was the reason why I answered 'love', as shallow as it sounds but it was the first thing that came through my mind :)

Recently I read an article from the church bulletin  that says something about how people contributes love in different ways and it also said that not all people are meant to be married which to me was kinda disappointing to know but there's legit point there.  The article says 'We are destined to give our lives away; many do so in the form of marriage, others in the form of voluntary celibacy for the sake of the kingdom of heaven, others by living alone and yet being there for others. All human life find its meaning in love.' So the point here is that, even if you can't find love in a boyfriend/girlfriend kind of way (I know some of us, including yours truly yearns for it haha) but there are still so many ways in showing love for others. 'Someone who loves authentically is free, strong, and good; he can devote himself in love.' I also believe that the more we give and show love towards others, our hearts will be more at peace after all, the bible did mentioned that 'love is the greatest.' If we have faith in it, it will be one of the great essence that we can have. Maybe,  I can still be drawn into other 'materialistic' things to make me happy and be successful, but at the end of the day, it always a good reminder to know what's really important in your life. So even if I felt like my answer was 'shallow', I do hope that I sort-of made a point? Hehe.

Today, we remember the greatest love that we could ever have; the love that is pure and unconditional even if we have sinned so many times and yet He never gave up his love to us. This is the kind of love that no money can ever buy in this world. Blessed Good Friday.

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