Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Art challenge #3

I've been wanting to do a galaxy painting but have never really tried it because I always thought the outcome is not gonna be great pffft. But I don't want my 'fear' to take over me lol so I painted not one but four (wtf so kiasu) types of galaxy and totally lovin' the outcome. This is actually the art challenge number 3 but then I am not really sure if my colleagues are really participating in this challenge or not. According to them, they are gonna paint it. So...I'll just wait and see. I have not been painting for about 2 months since my last project was done digitally. Oh, I got my grades for my Practice 1 MA subject! This module is nothing but tough to me but I am glad to score a B for it :) The new module that I am currently working on is gonna be another tough one and here I am procrastinating and painting galaxies instead hahaha. Anyway, I'm dedicating these painting to the the awesome mountain guides, our unsung heroes during the Mount KK earthquake. 

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