Saturday, June 06, 2015


Whatsapp group chat with my cousins that totally woke me up from my sleep.

Yesterday morning's news came in a big shock to me...I was just turning my alarm off and thought I could catch a few more minutes of sleep but I saw a few Whatsapp texts on my phone screen from my cousins and immediately read it, only to found out that there was an earthquake happening in my hometown and the whole of Penampang felt it. It seems like it doesn't make sense at all...I mean an earthquake in Sabah? But then I checked on my other group Whatsapp which was my Primary school friends and everyone was already talking about it by that time. I got really worried especially thinking of the condition of my house in Penampang where there are already a few cracks here and there on some of the walls in the living room and kitchen due to the poor structure planning when my house was built almost 30 years ago :( If the earthquake really did hit Penampang, my house would for sure be badly affected *touchwood* Anyway, thankfully everything is alright and my family and friends are safe as they only felt the tremors of the quake.

Sabahans, especially the Kadazandusuns (myself included) have linked this sudden earthquake with the recent news of a bunch of tourists who climbed Mount KK and decided to strip naked in the peak so that they can take photos of their willys and vajayjays. Seriously, WTF. I mean I know they probably want to do it because you know...YOLO but still, being a tourist in a different country, we should learn and respect their culture and beliefs no? Maybe they (the tourists) do not believe in superstitious but for the native people here, we see Mount KK as not only the pride of Sabah but also a sacred mountain that should be treated with great respect. (Read more about Aki Nabalu to know more) But I guess some people are just oblivious and treat this as a big joke tsk tsk. It's not like we're blaming them for the cause of the quake but the fact that there's no respect being shown by them in our culture and beliefs that made the native people here unhappy. Oh well, you know what they say...karma's a bit*h.

My prayers and condolences to the victims and also to the mountain guides who died after their heroic act trying to save the climbers. Reading the news about the mountain guides really made me want to shed a tear. To me, they truly portray the value of being a Kadazandusun, always open and willing to help without asking for anything in return. They put extra effort and dedication in their job and it is just unfortunate to know that some of them couldn't survive. My outmost respect also to the other 'malim gunung' for taking a quick action in helping the climbers as well. May God bless all of you. My social media page are flooded with all the post about these kind hearted malim gunung :)

As a Sabahan, I have yet to climb Mount KK haha. I know right??? You must be thinking like why have I not climb the mountain yet. was always not a good timing, my close friends around me wasn't really that keen in climbing it and I guess it just wasn't the right time. But, I've always told myself that I will conquer it one of these days and the fact that I know Mount KK is and will always be in my hometown so it felt like I can just climb it anytime. Things might change now after this quake. Even the famous donkey ears on the mountain is not in the same form anymore. *sigh* Anyway, for people who are away from home like myself, I can just offer my prayers and thoughts to my family, friends and all Sabahan in the hopes that there won't be another disaster this time around. I hope all of you will stay safe and let God always be your protector wherever you are and in whatever you do.

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wanyyg said...

gloomy days for sabahans.
i've never been to mt kinabalu - yet - too!
was unfit for it. pfft. now that its different, we kinda took it for granted.