Friday, July 24, 2015

Art Challenge #4

Art Challenge #4: Sea Creatures/Seafood

Been neglecting my assignments right after I submitted my work progress for formative assessment and decided to continue the art challenge instead :) Actually, I am feeling guilty now for not continuing my assignments cos deadline is in a month's time! Anyway, gotta continue doing it today. So Art Challenge number 4 topic is sea creatures/seafood. I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome andI felt like painting more sea creatures now. On the other note, I am also in the midst of preparing my first art bazaar! I decided to join in as a part of my assignment so that I can write a report about it but yeah, it's my first time and I'm very excited and also nervous about it especially when handling with money and people haha. If you don't already know, my math skills totally suck but I've asked my math genius cousin to be my helper during that day so fingers crossed that everything will work out fine. I shall update on  this bazaar again next week....wait for it.

On another note, today is BIGBANG's Made tour concert here in KL and unfortunately, due to financial issues and other commitments, I had to let this one go...kinda bumped that I won't be able to attend this concert cos they'll be performing their new songs and I REALLY wanna hear them perform 'If You' live (insert crying emoji). But I guess this video will do for now :( Have fun all you other VIPS! I just wanna say that Youngbae and Daesung's voice combined together in this song is giving me all the FEELS!

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