Saturday, July 04, 2015

Stuff to do

Been working on these two things for the whole week. Number one is my series of illustration for my studies and I actually have a formative assessment next week. Planning to complete 3 paintings but I only managed to do 2 1/2 so far...yikes. Looks like this weekend I'm gonna hustle and grind extra hard. I'm always thinking the worse as usual cos in my opinion, my tutors would probably not like 'amateur-ish' kind of paintings...well, I don't really know but I'm crossing my fingers to at least hear a positive feedback.  Number two, I've been writing a bunch of lettering stuff for an upcoming major college event that is gonna happen in a week's time and I was also asked to do a live hand lettering demo on the event day itself. Again, with my amateur hand lettering skills...I don't even know if I can do a really good demo or not. There'll be high school students with their parents around and...dang, the pressure of them seeing you write...not even sure I am well equipped and ready for this. 

Been sleeping late almost everyday just to practice and spend more time to complete my work and every morning, it's a struggle to wake up and make it on time to reach the office. In a way it's a good thing that I kept myself busy cos it kinda makes me not think about a current situation that I am in. Well, this situation has been going on for a REALLY long time and it just felt like I can't get away from it even if I tried so hard to do so. The other day, my colleagues were asking what happened my my swollen eyes when I reached the office and I just told them that it's because I've been sleeping late but the truth was I've been crying to sleep. Ah....I just don't know how many challenges/tests that God wants me to go through until it's finally over. Anyway, this is something inevitable that I have to go through, not only myself but my brother as well. Life's like that you  know, sometimes you can't do anything but to just move forward.  

How can the time move this fast is a question that I can't seem to find the answer for it. July will definitely be a busy month and also anothet month where money is still very tight, as usual haha.


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