Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Over caring problem

There's a problem with being too over caring. It's like you would always want to make the person feel better or feel happy all the time. You always want to give and continuously give, you always wonder what is the person thinking, what are they doing when you don't see them or if the person is happy or sad today. I realised that my over caring actions are out of control most of the time and I am not sure if it's a good thing or care too much. I realised not everyone can tolerate with it. It can either make them feel loved or it can just freak the shit out of them. Sometimes I wonder how did I end up being too over-caring...but I guess I've always been since I was young, like I've always been very selfless in a lot of things. Always willing to give and never wanting anything in return. But too much of all these can or might ruin something that started out nice in the first place. I need to learn how to back out a little bit from time to time. I still hope my actions doesn't freak anyone out, just yet.

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