Tuesday, December 01, 2015


I was in Church last Saturday and during the opening mass, the priest mentioned that it was the first Sunday of Advent and that's when you realised, that time has come again...where you kinda need to re-evaluate all the things that you've done in the past one year, the things that you should've done, the things that you wanted to do...etc. I was thinking to myself, dang...it means I gotta add more oil so that I am able to submit my major study proposal before Christmas. To be honest, I haven't been putting my focus on my studies since the new semester starts in September. It's like I put like 80% effort on my work and classes here and only 20% or less for my own studies. The past few months has been...very challenging to me, like it truly challenges me mentally and emotionally in different aspects in my life...sounds so serious lol but yeah, it truly is. Which is why, blogging was put aside in the past few months too. Well, to be honest there wasn't much happening to me anyway unless you wanna read about all the new Korean hip hop songs that I like recently or how much I actually like Justin Bieber and One Direction's new album haha. *Totally recommending their albums!

What a whirlwind of roller-coaster ride I've been into but, I am just thankful enough to survive up until now. I am again, putting way too much emotions on little things, over-thinking like there's no tomorrow and the worst part now is how I over caring I can be over things. I don't know how to stop...to be honest, it felt like these things have embedded in my body and will never leave like, ever. I just...really don't know. But that aside, I am still doing fine...or at least I like to think that way haha. I just can be a little confused with my emotions sometimes. Anyway, December is gonna be another helluva crazy month. Starting from all the gradings that I have to do once the semester ends, then on to preparing my written proposal and a presentation slide for my major study, working as a counselor for the education fair (cos I work hard for the money LOL) and continue to read/research on Discourse & Reflection subject. Oh....and STAR WARS too! Well, not that I am like a Star Wars geek but I did watched all the Star Wars episodes so this new Star Wars movie is a must-watch for me :) It's out on my birthday by the way haha. 

I also have decided not to spend Christmas in Penampang this year due to work and study. Initially I planned not to go back for the holidays and only will be back next year during Chinese New Year but, my mum called me last night and told me that she was willing to sponsor my flight home even though I did not asked her too :) Mum's the best haha. So, I will only be back few days after Christmas and will celebrate New Year's back home. Just hoping that everything will go well in the month of December. God bless!

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Steve Finnell said...


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