Friday, December 18, 2015

Ordinary birthday

I think it really has come to my realization that as I get older, my birthday is gonna be just an ordinary day. The anticipation of 'celebrating' it seems to have or is slowly disappearing and just like that, it has become an ordinary day. This year is no difference too. But I just wanted to take the opportunity to say a big thank you for all my friends and family for their thoughtful birthday wishes. Just like every other year, I don't have the chance to celebrate my birthday with my family (what else is new, huh) but still I am very grateful to have good people around me here. Thank you to my colleagues for agreeing to have Bak Kut Teh with me haha. I know, it is so not a fancy place to go for a birthday celebration but hey, BKT is like comfort food during the rainy days no? Plus, I'm a pork lover so...BKT is the best choice lol. Thank you also to my another awesome colleague @suejan3 for asking the Wong Fu Pro guys to do a birthday shou tout to me. I seriously did not expect that and when she sent me the vid, I totally went into this fangirling mode lol...I know, I am way too old to do that but I've been a fan of their works for so many years now, them with Kevjumba and Nigahiga, the youtubers that I subscribed back in the days.

Thank you also to my BFF who called me at midnight and well, we ended up talking for close to one hour trying to update everything haha and our current interest with the k-drama, Oh My Venus :) It is all these little things that meant a whole lot to me now and although sometimes I always which I could have more of this and that but then again, it is more important to count our blessings than asking for more right? Ah...I'm in my early 30s now and sometimes it freaks me out to know that I am not 'that' young anymore haha. Gotta use a lot of anti-aging products now! But you know what, a student told me few months ago that I still look like I'm 25 years old lol. So...I guess that is a good thing? Anyway, thank you again! God bless.

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