Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Happy Lunar New Year/Chinese New Year! Just like all the previous years, I am back in my hometown again to celebrate CNY with everyone at home. As always, CNY in KK is definitely more quiet compared to the ones I celebrated in Tawau but it's still alright I guess. My mum can be super emotional whenever the CNY festive is on so she has her reasons not to go back to Tawau this year. Anyway, I hope you are having a good CNY celebration so far with your family and friends. My family was invited to a dinner by my aunt during CNY eve and I had a good time catching up with my aunt and her family. Dinner was a little 'odd' cos the was food a mixture of Asian and Western. My inner Asian self was like, "Where's the steamed chicken and steamed fish?" But nevertheless, it was all good. My uncle gave a lot of good life advices to me that night and I shall remember to put it into practice through my daily life :)

CNY Eve dinner.

Lion Dance performance at St. Michael's Church. Photo taken with my new Xiaomi Yi Action Cam.

Woke up super early the next day (6.00am to be exact) to attend the CNY mass in St. Michael's Church and watched the first lion dance performance for CNY this year. Obviously, I was also one of those people who get excited whenever there's a lion dance performance so I definitely had to watch it in a more closer view lol. Today was CNY Day 2 and my cousins and I were invited to Fred (who's my cousin Audrey's BF) open house. Fred's family was super nice and welcoming to all of us, I totally felt less awkward because of that haha. At 2pm, the lion dance troop came and delivered a pretty good performance. The troop came with few other additional 'props' like the monkey king, money God and the happy monk. Everyone basically took selfies with them when the lion dance performance was on a short break. I enjoyed myself today,  although I ended up with another massive migraine since I was standing under the sun most of the time watching the lion dance performance. Totally hate that migraine feeling but I am alright now. Thank you Fred for inviting us to your open house! 

Lions in vivid colours.

The aftermath.
Chinese New Year is definitely a season of togetherness where all family, relatives and friends gather at the same place to catch up with each other. Sure, as time goes by, things might change...but preserving the culture of togetherness is no doubt, very important especially being in a Chinese family. This also explains why those Petronas CNY TV commercials always emphasis the importance of being with your family. No matter how far you are, try to always come home. Okay, I think I am going off topic here haha. Here's wishing everyone a Blessed Lunar New Year and may the year of Monkey brings a lot of luck, blessing and prosperity to you. On the other note, I need to make use of this one week break to focus on my studies again *sigh* Something that I felt so reluctant to do since it's the holidays and all but I still have to do it. My procrastination is probably due to the fact that I've been watching shows like 'Keeping With Kardasian' and all the other unnecessary reality TV dramas on E! So much drama but just oh-so-entertaining lol.

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