Tuesday, February 16, 2016

That post holiday blues

Wrote this quote in a rush before I went to the airport for my flight back to the Peninsula hence the missing letter 'M' in the word 'remember'. Still not purely satisfied with my lettering style but I can honestly tell you that I've improved a lot now. Remind me to do a blog post about that. It was definitely not a great idea to fly back on Sunday where practically every human being decided that Sunday was the best time to fly too. I mean, I don't blame 'em but Sunday (February 14th) was the 7th day of Chinese New Year and since CNY falls on Monday and Tuesday, it was just the perfect time for everyone to fly to whichever destinations that they are headed to. So, Valentine's Day for me this year was spent on an aeroplane with  a whole bunch of people. Actually, Valentine's Day also marked my 8th year working here in my old college as a lecturer. I remembered I told myself that I would probably work for 5 years and then I'll see where my future goes. Obviously, 5 years have passed and  I don't really see my future getting anywhere LOL plus, since the college is helping to pay half of my MA study tuition fees, I might still have to  stay and work here for a longer period of time.

How good it is if I can be risky enough to try and do other things...to go and settle in an unfamiliar place and start all over. How is it possible that I can't plan what I wanna do next in the future? Yeah, if life was that easy right? The end of this CNY holiday means it is definitely CRUNCH time for me but then again no matter how many times I motivate myself to study study study and not procrastinate, I'll end up doing the latter. There is just too many things to do and to catch up but I really don't want to bore anyone with another of my I'm-so-stress-with-my-studies complain. In the meantime, it's back to work for now but looking at the faces of my students in yesterday's class, I so can tell that they are feeling the post-holiday blues as well haha. But I think it would be really good to re-energize our mind, body and spirit again when the holidays have come to an end. I also probably need to resume back my zumba classes after not going for a while just because my favourite ZIN no longer conduct classes in CF Sunway anymore. Hope your CNY holiday has been good tho!

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