Tuesday, March 08, 2016


From what I forsee, March will be another hectic month for me...and yes, especially with my studies cos I have a deadline next month which requires me to write 4000 words of essay. If you're wondering if I've started or not? Well, let's just say that I am still in the midst of finding more resources at the moment. I've been thinking and counting down the deadline every day. I kid you not, every effing single day without a miss. So if I've been silent again here in my blog, you know what I am currently dealing with at the moment. On the other note, I've been going back to Zumba classes again even though I still prefer my original ZIN classes but it's alright. At least I still can do some workout so it's still fine. Been staying late in the office after work as well so that I can just directly continue doing my studies here since it is so much better to be focused in the office. There's just way too much distraction at home and I knew that if I am home from work, I will totally feel like not doing anything at all. So staying late in the office is the best option but sometimes, I still can procrastinate in the office too lol. Don't really wanna give myself a hard time because if I do, I'll end up going into the 'depression dungeon' again.

Anyway, time to continue with my work now...in the meantime, here's a lil vlog that I made on my visit to Pasar Seni and Chinatown with my cousins last weekend. Decided to film some footages just to test out my new Xiaomi Yi Action camera that I recently purchased at a decent price. Of course, a Go Pro Hero would be so much better but, I can't really afford a Go Pro now so Xiaomi it is haha. Quality's not bad tbh. If you're planning to head down to Chinatown this month, do wear something comfortable and apply tons of sunblock cos damn, the weather is just insane!

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