Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Finally an update!

Just thought I'll do a little update on what's been going on with me...although there's nothing much except for...I think people who are still coming to read my 'rusty' blog would've known the answer by now haha. But yeah, currently my life really do revolves around work+study and added a little time for social and outings. Anyway, things that I've been up to:

1. MA Studies
I'm sorry but to spazz you with yet another update on my studies. I KNOW I am so tired of talking about this as well. I recently mentioned to a friend that I 'kinda' regret making decision to continue my study...but to be honest, I'm not entirely regretting it 100% cos I see that this could be a good platform for me if I am planning to venture out in the education field, cos obviously I *don't* see myself staying in the current company forever. But, probably the only regret is that I did not plan to continue with furthering my studies sooner. I mean, unless you are really good in managing your time and willing to give up your social life, then it will be okay to study while having a full time job, but unfortunately that is not the case for me since I procrastinate a hell lot and errr...I rather watch Korean dramas haha. Last month, I FINALLY submitted my 4K words of essay, you can refer to the previous post to know what topic that I decided to do my research on. So basically, I am pretty much done with the first half of my module. It was EXTREMELY hard for me dealing with this particular module because I have mentioned before that writing is not my forte and the struggle was definitely real. But it's finally least for now. Praying really hard that I will pass this subject cos I do not want to repeat this all over again *crosses fingers* As of now, I have one more module to finish but luckily it's more coursework than research so I have about 3 more months to get it done before I am truly free from my studies :) I am supposed to continue with my last module now but I had to make way to get some stuff done at work hence I promise myself that I will go right back into it next week. I just can't wait for all these to be over!

2. Work
I had a presentation to my superiors on Monday and because I had to present a total of 5 subjects, I was rushing like mad trying to finish my presentation slides last week. We were notified quite late about this presentation so no choice but to rush and get everything done before the presentation. But so glad that it is finally over!  The new semester is starting again next week and as much as I wish it won't start in another week, life has to go on lol. Hopefully the new batch of students are gonna be good in order to make my life more peaceful and easier haha. I don't have much to say about work because it has been pretty much the same as of late. Don't know if it's a good thing or not thing that I can say is, there are times that I actually felt like there's gonna be a real 'civil war' here, just waiting for it to happen for real.

3. Brush Lettering
This is something that I have been practicing on everyday basis and currently been so passionate about. I know I haven't been drawing/painting a lot lately due to work and study but I spared some time here and there to practice my lettering so that I can improve better. This is also something that I am quite proud of because I definitely can write better now compared to 2 years back.  Well, it's not exactly a BIG achievement or anything but it is still something worth for me to say 'good job!' to myself. Yes, I have no shame hahah. I recently got contacted by my senior from my college to help her with some lettering for her wedding invites. It's really nothing much but still, very thankful for the opportunity and trusting my not-so-pro-yet skills! Probably gonna do a special post about my lettering 'journey' one of these days.

4. Korean Dramas
Wow, don't even get me started with Korean dramas cos I can talk about the recent drama that I watched and it was just sooo...I LOVE IT haha. So, back in January I was watching this rom-com Korean drama called 'Oh My Venus' which I enjoyed and liked it very much cos the cast was great and the storyline revolves around adult people. Totally recommend this drama if you want a feel good Korean drama to watch. Then, in early March, another drama called Descendants Of the Sun came out and initially I did not have plans to watch it because I wanted to 'focus' on my assignment. But unfortunately, I gave it and decided to watch it anyway. Ended up liking the drama so much that I got very attached to this drama and kept wanting more every week lol. The main cast was perfect. I've always thought that Song Jong Ki is too pretty for my liking but I guess after he went for military, everything just changed and how on earth did he became so manly after that???? Song Hye Kyo, the lead actress is definitely one of those woman with eternal beauty. She's just so beautiful I can't even stop staring at her in the drama lol and she's one lucky actress to have acted with a bunch of very good looking actors as well like Won Bin in Autumn in My Heart (remember her?) and also with Zo In Sung in That Winter, the Wind Blows.

What I liked about Descendants Of the Sun is that both lead actor and actress have great chemistry and they are open in letting each other know their feelings...which I find very mature and just nice to watch :) Plus Captain Yoo Shi Jin's killer lines are cheesy but so swoon-worthy! You know what, if I was given the chance to write about this drama for my studies, I probably could ace it hahaha. Anyway, I won't blabber much about this drama but I will say this is the best k-drama that I watched so far this year. Oh, and the soundtrack is DAMN good too. Recommending the song called 'Everything' by the singer Gummy. Definitely my most favourite song in the drama but all the songs are great!
5. Music
Been listening to various type of music these days, from the commercial ones on the radio, to some hipster ones from Spotify/Soundcloud and of course some good K-HipHop and R&B as well. I recently am so into this Korean R&B artist called DEAN. I can't remember how I discovered him but I think it was probably from Tumblr. The first song that got me hooked was 'Pour Up' featuring the talented Zico. Then I started doing my research on him and wanting to know as much stuff as possible hehe. Anyway, LOVE his voice and all his songs in his new EP. I recommend this artist if you are looking for something fresh to listen to in K-R&B genre. D (half moon) is my most favourite song in his 130 mood : TRBL EP, totally can listen to this all day :)

6. Misc
Other than that, been hanging out with my cousins and friends from time to time. It's not as often as it used to be like before but yeah, being with friends and family is definitely good for the soul, in my case it is a good stress reliever to not to think about my hectic life. It's been hard for me to pour out or talk a lot about my personal things or feelings here, I guess I am already very used to just keeping it inside and just let it mess up my mind. It's not exactly a good thing cos you know, there are times that I can just break down or cry for no reason in one of those late nights. It seems to happen quite a lot these days but...well, things are not how it used to be. Life still needs to go on. I also still can't promise if I am able to update that much but if there is any silent readers, I am not even sure if there is tho haha...thank you for still reading this blog! Actually, the stuff that I post here are getting less interesting and there's like no depth in whatever I wanted to say hahahah. I'm telling you, due to the insane amount of things and stuff that I had to read/research on, I think my brain has seriously gone haywire. While people can write so many good stories in their blog, I am just writing random things like this. OH WELL.

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