Wednesday, September 14, 2016


So back in May, I wrote that I've been into this Korean R&B artist called DEAN and have been a fan of his music ever since I discovered him late last year. Just last week, I managed to see him live when he was down here in Malaysia for the first time! The best part was, one of the venues that he was to make an appearance is Sunway Pyramid, which of course is a plus for me since I stay nearby haha. Unfortunately, on the day of the event I wasn't feeling the best...had serious bad cramps and I didn't had my breakfast/lunch before so I ended up feeling like I just wanted to give up waiting and go home. But of course, I stayed and waited for DEAN in the end. There was this MYFM event that lasted for about 2 hours before DEAN was scheduled to make an appearance. That 2 hours felt like hell to me. I was standing at the back together with all the fans from 12pm and DEAN only came out at 4pm. So imagine the pain that I had to endure omg...I really question myself, "Why am I doing this again? I am too old for this shit lol," BUT, for the love of DEAN and his music...I just had to. Don't judge me okay, I've had enough people judging me on the things that I like and do pffft. 

DEAN performed only 3 songs which were Put My Hands On You, 21 and D Half Moon...really wished that he performed more songs but that event wasn't exactly his showcase. His voice, definitely amazing! I mean his voice was the reason why I love his music :) After his (very short) performance, everyone immediately ran to Popular bookstore cos that's where DEAN will have his autograph session. I actually have bought his album early this year through this Korean website, G Market and I thought that I had to buy another one here in order to be able to get his autograph. Little did I know, there's this thing that you have to register via Universal Music Malaysia to be able to be eligible for the autograph session...long story short, I ended up not getting his autograph at all, which is quite a bummer but with my situation at that time, I didn't want to wait and continue standing inside Popular any I gave up and went to have coffee and cakes with my colleague instead.

If DEAN comes back for a full length concert again I will definitely go cos seeing him performing only 3 songs definitely wasn't enough and I was watching his interview with MYFM yesterday and he mentioned that his EP/mini album is gonna be made into a series! Which means, there will be another one coming out mentioned by DEAN himself, the next EP is gonna be called 130 MOOD: JNGL. Looking forward to it!  Anyway, I sort of made a vlog and you can watch the video below...please don't mind my lack of enthusiasm haha...I am not very comfortable talking by myself and my view while watching DEAN performing was blocked by so many hands in front.

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