Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Advent 2016

This week marks the first week of Advent. As I said it before, it is a time to calm ourselves down, take a step back and wait for the coming. Last week during Sunday mass, the priest mentioned that we should "Keep calm and wait" I thought it was definitely a good time to do as we countdown till Christmas. To be honest, I'm not really sure if I've "reflected" enough since this year, there wasn't any super happening stuff that has happened except to have finally done with my studies...well, that was quite a milestone heh. Actually, I am glad that my studies ended around mid August because I could do more other things during the remaining months and not feel too stressed out over assignments. Although, on contrary I wouldn't say I've been that productive cos if I did, I would probably update this blog more regularly...but I didn't lol.

As always, I felt like I have soooo many things to say, so many things to update but it seems like I just can't put my mind into words? Or maybe I just prefer to talk about it verbally instead of typing it out. Just glancing through on what I've done this year, I think that I *did* regain back my spiritual life, although it is still a slow progress but I personally felt more stronger spiritually. Part of the reason was because I've started to join the weekly Working Adult Ministry cell group where I am surrounded by people with the same faith. It is still something totally new to me and also something that is out of my comfort zone but I guess, it is all well-planned by God cos the minute I'm done with my studies, I participated in the camp and then started joining the cell group, not forgetting to also being assigned to help out with STM's Church annual dinner deco. Maybe it is a sign that God wanted to do and grow more in his faith. So yeah, I know this year I didn't really get the chance to do much...half of the year was dedicated fully to my studies and I  didn't even get the chance to travel anywhere... expect to Port Dickson lol...BUT at least I've gained something else, new friendships, discovering more on my own faith and also strengthen myself spiritually... like I said, it is still a very slow progress, but as I type this and reflect, I think God has opened my heart to be more willing and not to be afraid of taking risks (actually, I still am hahahah)

So during this time of Advent, I would also want to continue in keeping my faith strong, to take time to pray more and not forgetting to reflect daily through the word of God. I know I am always very excited about Christmas...all the decos, carols, gifts, etc but it is really also about us having the quiet time with God, to pray and stay calm as we await for the arrival of our King.

P/S: I just discovered that every year during Advent, I will post something about 'time for reflection' lol. But hey, it is a good reminder right? This post from 2013 was one of my favourites. Read it here.

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