Saturday, December 17, 2016

The low key Birthday

I've mentioned about this on my last birthday post that, the more older you get, Birthdays would just feel like any other ordinary day and this year, I am experiencing the same thing as well. Maybe it is also because I don't exactly fancy big celebration and also the fact that non of my family members are even here to celebrate it with me totally turned out to be just another ordinary day. When it becomes ordinary, you can't really expect much...maybe the one person that you thought or want to get a Birthday wish from probably won't even remember it was your day just have to be okay with that and move on. Once again, I'm taking this opportunity to say THANK YOU to everyone for their wishes...a lot comes from social media because that's how we live these days haha. I'm grateful to have friends who genuinely loves to host people coming to their house to have a feast, I am grateful for my BFF who calls me every year to personally wish me and updating each other with the Korean drama that we are currently watching (this year, it is Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo), also I am very grateful to receive a call from my dad because he never calls me at all! And to know that he actually remembers my birthday surprised me a lot 😭

I am also going to be forever grateful to share the same birthday as the blessed Holy Father, Pope Francis because although he is THE POPE, he also celebrated his birthday in a  low-key style, without any grand or big celebration but instead, he chose to have breakfast with the homeless people in Vatican. His true humility shows how important it is think about the others and to give whenever we can even if it is a day to celebrate our birthday. We always hear people say "Another year older, another year wiser." As cliche as it sounds. I do hope that I can practice to be more wiser too in a lot of aspects in my life. The more wisdom that we can get, tho more fruitful our life can be. Pope Francis mentioned this during his birthday. "Old age sounds ugly, and cause fear. But old age yearns for wisdom." So in turning 32 years old this year, I pray that I will continue to learn and have more wisdom and also to constantly look/spread joy in whatever I do or wherever I am. Thank you and God bless everyone.

"Old age is quiet and religious, but also fruitful. Pray that mine will be that way, quiet and religious, fruitful and also joyous." 
 ⎯ Pope Francis

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