Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Lunar New Year 2017

Please excuse my absence in this blog because as soon as I am back from the Christmas holidays, I started work and the new semester also started as well. Got busy, adjusting with the new semester and all, then it is already Chinese New Year. So here I am again, back in my hometown for the CNY holidays. Initially I didn't want to be home since I was just home in December but alas, I decided it would be much better to spend my CNY holidays here in KK. Haven't been doing anything productive for the past few days, except for meeting up with my cousins, had a CNY dinner at my aunt's place and also had a mini road-trip with my girlfriends to Kokol Haven yesterday. The only productive thing that I felt I've done was today, when I met up with one of my oldest friend Aaron, to discuss about a freelance design job that I am helping out to do. I knew Aaron since primary school and we also were in the same secondary school so we've been friends for over 20 years. Anyway, had a really good catching up with him and hopefully I will be able to hang out with him again when I am back. This freelance job that I am partaking is very interesting but also quite a challenge as well but I told myself this year will be about taking every opportunities that I am offered without feeling afraid. Yeah...hopefully I can continue to do this.

Things at home still hasn't changed much, I think my boiling points here are more extreme than when I am in the Peninsula. You tend to get blamed over things that is not even your fault can't do much about it but to just try to channel your 'zen' mode. Anyway, not gonna talk about this here, it'll just ruin the CNY mood LOL. I'm here to just pop by and wish everyone a Happy Lunar/Chinese New Year, may the year of fire rooster brings you more blessings, health, wealth and a prosperous year. May we can overcome all the challenges under God's faith and blessing as well. There are a couple of things that I wanna achieve this year, one of the important highlight would be to make my UK trip happen...die die also must go! if the economy is now in good hands right? Well, have faith and continue to pray. AMEN.