Sunday, May 14, 2017


Mother's Day can be something that is wonderful and yet, it can also be something that is very emotional or painful for some people. Now that social media has literally taken over the world, everyone seems to want their feelings to be known whether is is happy, sad, angry, disappointed, excited...etc. It is good in a way, at least you would know how your friend is doing when you don't get to see them in a while but sometimes it can also be a little too much? Especially when they find the need to always vent out their feelings first on social media instead of dealing it personally...but then, it is after all their own choice to do what they want on their own social media platforms. On events such as Mother's Day, I feel like I have to be cautious in what I post in order not to offend anyone, especially my friends who have lost their mothers, who have never experienced having a mother on their side before or those who are single parents. Today, I'm praying that although you might continue to experience the hurt and pain, I ask that may God's grace will give you hope. Hope to see the light through your darkness no matter how long it takes. It's hard for me to understand because I have never been in their shoes before so the least I can do is to offer a prayer and hopefully it can help someway or another. Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there and also to my mom, thanks for everything. May the intercession of Mary continue to guide all of you always.

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