Thursday, November 02, 2017

The year after

One year ago when I finally received my MA certificate and it also officially marks the end of my two grueling years of studies haha. I know I haven't talk or post much about this, but looking back to where I am at now, I think I do deserve a good pat at the back for going through this. Definitely wasn't an easy journey...writing and research was a pain but at the same time, it was also a good experience to be able to research on a topic that I never really thought of in the first place. My tutor for my final Major Project has been really helpful and patient with me in terms of guiding and pushing me to go further with my project. I totally owe this  to him and very much thankful for all his guidance.  The end result that I received was a 'Commendation' which basically is equivalent to a B. It was already considered a good achievement for me. I hope that I will always continue to learn, to get myself educated in more different fields or aspects as I believe that if you have a chance for education, why not go for it right? So yes to forever learning and forever a student. Thank you Lord for giving me this opportunity to check off something from my bucketlist.

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