Friday, March 16, 2018

Lunar New Year 2018 Pt. 2 & VLOG

I thought I should finish updating on the Chinese New Year celebration before it's too late...I mean CNY is officially over and it is almost mid-March now. Seriously, can the time just take a chill pill for a while and not move this fast? Anyway, as I've mentioned in the previous post I went to Tawau for CNY this year with my mum on the 2nd day until the 4th day of CNY. Indeed, it was a short but I do feel like it was a pretty good trip. Part of my childhood was spent in Tawau especially during CNY so it will always hold a special memory to me although a lot of things have changed now. Seeing how my nieces and nephews have grown up reminds me that I am obviously not young anymore haha. Still, it is nice to be able to meet up with the relatives again after so long. 

Before I came back to Sabah, I told my mum over the phone that I am worried if the relatives will ask me the dreaded question: 'When are you getting married?' But it turns out it, my very own mother was the one who asked me that question a few days after we are back from Tawau ๐Ÿ˜…

The first night when we arrived Tawau, my ่กจๅ“ฅ brought my mum and I for a small family dinner at a Malay seafood restaurant nearby the hotel that my mum and I are staying. Food was alright, I mean of course I would still prefer good authentic Chinese food but as you know, a lot of Chinese restaurants are booked during this festive season. I don't get the chance to eat seafood very often so this was already a privilege for me to be able to eat it free of charge ๐Ÿ˜‚So thank you Biao Ge and family. 

Also met up with this niece of mine...I think the last time I saw her was back in 2011 when we celebrated CNY in Kundasang. Always nice to have a relative that is very easy to talk with.

Photo taken from her FB.
After dinner,  Ivan brought me to experience the nightlife in Tawau which is pretty much similar with the nightlife in Penampang. I know both of us hang out a lot in Subang and see each other almost every week but I guess the feeling is different when I hang out with him in his hometown? Anyway, we went to a karaoke pub called Maze and it is definitely a place where you can showcase your singing talent or maybe if you've been longing to let people hear your voice, it is a good place to do so haha. Obviously Ivan is way better in singing than me so I was there just to support and to see him shine with his voice in the pub. Although this kind place is really not my scene, I mean I hardly even go to karaoke pubs in KK as well but, it is always good to have a friend who is willing to take time to spend it with you and even bring you around. I appreciate that.

The next day, I attended Sunday Mass with my mum in Holy Trinity Catholic Church. I've been to Holy Trinity about 3 times I think and it is the only Catholic Church that I know in Tawau. My parents actually got married in this Church and my brother was baptised in this Church too so I'm sure it holds good memory especially to my mum. After Mass, we continued our round of visiting relatives. By noon I was already feeling doozy so we went back to the hotel and had a nap. During this entire trip, I was experiencing a bad backache like seriously, the pain can be so unbearable at times. I got so worried about it that I was already making plans to go and see a chiropractor when I am back to KL. But thankfully, I don't feel the pain anymore as of now so I guess I must've pulled a muscle or something when I was working out in the gym few days before CNY.

Mum and I at Holy Trinity Church.

My uncle invited us over to his house for a simple home cooked dinner at night and then Ivan came over to pick me up and off we go for another another karaoke pub session ๐Ÿ˜œ So there was actually a fight in the karaoke pub that night...I was quite startled when I saw it happened but of course I am in no position to say anything about it, just that sometimes these kind of things tend to happen between friends. Anyway, that was how I spent my last night in Tawau. My mum and I flew back to KK the following day, taking the last night flight also, my first time flying with MAS Wings. Oh, I just have to mention about this cafe in Tawau called Indo Cafe. They serve really good mango sago, I love it! Not forgetting pisang goreng cheese as well. Glad that my uncle brought us to try it out for tea time.

Dinner at my uncle's house.

Pisang Goreng Cheese & Mango Sago at Indo Cafe II.

Back home in Penampang, I stayed at home for the first couple of days since my cousins and bffs are working so I can't really meet them expect at night or during the weekend. I did managed to catch The Black Panther with my brother on Chor 8 in Suria Sabah. I would give the movie 8/10 because I honestly liked it haha. #WakandaForever and...also managed to have k-food dinner with Simone and Sono on the same day. Simone has been wanting to bring me to this Korean restaurant in Market 88 and we finally made the time to do so. Apparently, the restaurant's owner son looks like Tablo of Epik High and I can honestly say, yes he does lol.

Managed to also spend my weekend having breakfast with my cousins and also my adorable nieces. Not forgetting making a visit to Oliver and Anne's soon to be new home in Sarapung. Really happy for them for finally have a place they could call their own and I look forward to visit again once the house is fully done. Then, it was already time to fly back to KL and with that, my CNY holiday has come to an end. As always, being back home is great. I will always love the chill and relaxing vibe in the kampung. I love how I get to always eat good home-cooked food at home and I love to spend time with the people that I am very close with here. But over the years, I personally felt like I don't feel homesick that much anymore? Like I am okay to be away for a longer period of time than always planning my trip to go back home. I don't know if it is a good thing or feel a sense of detachment? I think it's the fact that I am so used to be by myself here and also the fact that I have more freedom here to do whatever I want so...thinking about home is not always a priority? I don't know man...but that's life to you. Things change, people change, feelings change...

In Tanjung Aru.
4/6 of Half a Dozen Craze.

Anyway, I just want to say thank you to my family, cousins and bffs for spending time with me during the CNY break. Not really sure when I am coming back home again...I'm looking in August but I'm not sure if I can and going back for Christmas this year might not be happening to. Currently working towards #PANAMA2019. More on that in the coming post. So that is how my CNY holiday break went. I'm including a vlog that I made so you can actually see a glimpse of what I've been doing back home. I am definitely not a youtuber/vlogger but I actually like editing videos and I do want to learn how to edit videos properly as an additional creative skill :) Enjoy!

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